Friday, February 17, 2012

MAC haul and lovely updates.

Finally, a new blog post ! :)
Hi gorgeous ladies of mine! It feels like it has been forever since I have last wrote a post ! I want to start making more time for my lovely blog ! :)
The new MAC Collection is out & I had to go pick up at least something from there!

MAC Vera Pearlmatte $28.00
This blush is from their new collection. It definitely stood at compared to the other cream/powder blushed that they had out. The product alone sold me. The blush is a little pricey but I've noticed that the larger products that come out in collections and that are similar to the larger products such as the skinfinish ALWAYS last over a year. My one skin finish lasted me over a year & a half. The color you get on your cheeks looks gorgeous since you are able to swirl your brush all over these different shades of pink.

MAC 217 Blending brush - $22.50
This brush has been on my wish list for quite a while. Today was finally the day I get it. I haven't had a good blending brush - only random drug store or Sephora blending brushes but they have always been pretty hard on my eyelids. This brush is so soft & I have already played around with some eyeshadows already and I have seen such a big difference. This was definitely worth the price because I know this will last a long time not only for myself but for my future make up clients :)

MAC Amplified "Girl About Town" $14.50
This shade is to die for. As soon as I got it I knew it was going home with me.
It's such a bright fuchsia color - goes on extra smooth - love love love.

Viva Glam Nicki - Satin $14.50
I've never seen such a beautiful lipstick before in my life!!
This is going to be the perfect summer lipstick. It's a gorgeous coral shade that would look amazing with a thick black liner over your eyes and just a natural eye shadow.

Here's a up close photo of the two lip stick shades. However, nothing can compare to the way these lipsticks in person!

Nail of the week:
Essie "Play Date"
Their spring line has recently came out & they are so adorable. They all remind me of Easter coming up. I love that these nail polishes are always less than $8 and I've never had problems with chipping. They normally last a full week on my nails w/ out a top coat but with a top coat it can last over a week and a half.

Lovely updates:

Valentines Day.
Although no holiday is needed to make me feel as lucky as he does every single day, but my amazing boyfriend had the most beautiful bouquet of roses waiting for me as soon as I woke up. The whole day we spent together and had so many adorable mini dates but the best part of the day was going home and being in pajamas with him on the couch watching tv. The whole day he kept saying "this day is all about you baby" he is unbelievable. That day could have been spent all day at home with him and that alone would have made my day! As much as I thank him for everything he does for me; I feel as though he will never quite understand.
This boy was meant to be in my life & I was meant to be in his. I've never had such a healthy respected relationship, each and everyday I am swept off my feet. I love this boy with my entire heart. We spend every day and every night together and all those days are full of laughter. The best feeling in the world; laughing till your stomach hurts with the love of your life.

I hope all your girls are having a wonderful week && hope you all enjoyed this post.


Natasha Marie

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New shoes & weekend adventures!

hey sweet darlings!
How's everyone doing? I hope everyone's week has been going wonderful!
I have been on the biggest hunt for a nude pair of heels that I are love at first sight. I finally found some! I purchased these gorgeouss Guess nude pumps. Nice & simple like I have been searching for. They were regular $89.00 & I got them for $39.99 hello BARGAIN!! Plus side, they are extremely comfy! :) I think it's always good to have a simple black pair of heels & a simple pair of nude heels! My shoe collection is growing!

Nail polish of the week
Loreal "Walk on the Beach"
The perfect nude nail polish. I love love love nude. I love that it can always go with any outfits. I was really impressed with this line. Loreal just recently came out with a whole new nail polish collection! After trying this nail polish out I love that it lasted a whole week without zero chipping! I'll definitely be purchasing more of this collection !

&& here's a lovely photo of my wonderful boyfriend & I from dinner on the island this past weekend. It means the world to me that till this day we always always always go out for dinner and have alone time with each other. I feel that quality time is very important in a lasting relationship. He's the most beautiful kind hearted person I have ever met in my entire life. He truly treats me like a queen 24/7. I'm planning on a blog post on just the boyfriend & I coming soon :)

Hope you enjoyed this post & hope your day is going fabulous!

Natasha Marie