Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My amazing VEGAS trip!

hey sweethearts! I'm finally back to reality, last weekend I took the TRIP of a lifetime with two of my beautiful favorite girls in the whole entire world. I took plenty of photos of my outfits to show you all how my style is and how I like to dress up every outfit I have! (Oh, to be a girl!)
We were in Vegas for 4 nights and 5 days. This is a trip I will forever remember in my heart! Lucky us, we stayed Planet Hollywood, where TONS of celebrities were because the MISS USA pageant was taken place in our hotel! I got to meet Kelly Osbourne & she actually told me in her adorable accent "love your lashes doll!" (almost died), met BravoTv Andy, hung out with the MISS TEEN USA ladies...& the most exciting person ever...ROB KARDASHIAN (pic at the bottom) he actually took the time to shake my hand, I was a little star stuck. I also saw Donald Trump & Akon. Pretty amazing. The girls and I decided to let Vegas take us wherever the night wanted to take us, we danced and made new friends till the sun came up. Very little sleep, of course, but I wanted to take full advantage of this trip away with the girls. Those memories make my heart smile. I can now scratch that off my list of things to do. I've always wanted to take a girls trip away before we all take the next step in life: marriage, kids, moving away etc. and after saying each year "for sure, let's go" and it never happening - we decided this was the year and it happened. We finally did it and survived Vegas. I pretty much packed my ENTIRE CLOSET & since we were out and about 24/7 how could I have NOT packed my closet! You never know what outfit you are wanting to wear for that day! It was fun playing dress up for the day and go glam at night. We went all out at night. Big curls, sparkly dresses, hot pink lipstick, the highest heels we own, shimmer, bronzer - everything. We're only young once, we enjoyed every single second of this trip. It feels great to be home though, I missed my man more than anything! I think this trip away made us that much closer :)
enjoy the pics lovelies.

Until next time Vegas.

Tasha Marie