Thursday, September 27, 2012

10% OFF your ENTIRE Sigma purchase!

hey pretty dolls,
I have another great opportunity for you girls to receive 10% off your October purchase at Sigma Beauty  !! How exciting is that ?!?! I think with this discount code for the month I'm going to purchase more makeup brushes & another Sigma palette ! :) I absolutely love discount codes so I'm very thankful Sigma is allowing me to give you girls this great deal. The more you spend the more you save!

Hope you girls take advantage of this great deal and treat yourself to something lovely! 

Enjoy your day lovelies!

Natasha Marie 

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Nails of the week.

Hey lovelies!
1st of all, I'm loving this new update on the Blogger! How's everyone's week going? Great I hope!
This week has been wonderful so far, so many opportunities have been headed my way and I can't help but feel so blessed every morning I wake up. You work hard and slowly the rewards start coming in! It has to be one of the greatest feelings ever! More news & more details will be in my next up coming posts! But for now, let's talk about what's on my nails!

Doing my nails at home relaxes me, it's my little me time once a busy day has ended and I'm in comfy clothes & drinking some hot green tea. I actually plan the days I'm going to do my nails so I get to decided what color I want to do, & then I make sure to get all my errands, have my face washed and do anything else that needs to be done that way once I work on my nails I won't be getting them messed up! lol. 

This week I decided to go with Loreal 'How Romantic' & Sally Hansen Gem Crush in 'Big Money' I love love this combination together! I usually just do my accent nail on my ring finger but decided to add it to my thumb as well. When I first picked up 'How Romantic' by Sally Hansen I thought it was going to be very sheer but it's actually a pretty white pink. I lovee adding glitter to one/two nails just because it gives it that little touch of sparkle. I love love the Sally Hansen Gem Crush polishes because they really last on your nails and the glitter is pretty thick so you don't need to waste time putting 3-5 coats. It CAN be a little rough to take off (any glitter polish) which is why I only use my glitter polishes to do a accent nail because putting them on all your nails does look nice sometimes BUT takes hours to remove, no thank, lol. 

You can find these polishes at your Target, Walmart, Walgreens and CVS.

Hope you lovely ladies are enjoying your day and loving life. 
Take some time out of your busy days and always take the time to realize just how lucky you are.

xoxo Love.
Natasha Marie 

Work hard. Stay humble.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Easy how to | Winged Liner.

hey gorgeous ladies,
I'm going to show you all today how to achieve a winged liner look!
It's very easy and just takes a little practice to get the top line to be perfect.
During the week days I usually do this look (my top liner is much thinner but I made this a thicker look so you can see more in detail how everything goes) - very simple yet with a little touch of "I don't look sleepy today!" So the weekdays are usually just mascara and a winged liner on top and other days just plain mascara. Now, on the fun nights out I usually wear a more thick top liner and some pencil/colored liner on my waterline! Liner makes such a difference, mascara alone does wonders! It always makes you look a little more polished and more awake :)

Now let's get started...

1.) You can either start with applying your mascara before or after you decide to add your liner. For me, since my lashes are extra long I usually apply my mascara first. When I'm doing makeup on clients I do liner first and then mascara. Which ever is easier for you.

2.) Pick out your favorite liquid liner. (My favorite is posted down below and I'll write a little more description down below)

3.) Since I have used liquid liner forever I can pretty much do this look in 10 seconds (really!) But if you are practicing or trying to use liquid liner, start in the middle of your top eyelid..make a straight line that ends at the end of your top lid. Then, connect the liner from the inner part of your eyelid until it looks completely straight. You can either go with a thin or thick line whichever you like best :)

3.) Then (3rd photo on the left bottom corner) form the winged line of your choice. I chose to do mine straight out and then connect it. You can do a small/large/more up/more winged completely up to you. As long as you form the look you want you will be okay, then just fill in the empty part.

4.) & YOU'RE DONE! :)
Now, you can add any eyeshadow or highlight to your eyes to give it a little spark!

This is my ultimate favorite liquid liner; Loreal Paris Lineur Intense liquid liner in Carbon Black. You can find this at Walmart, Target, CVS, Riteaid etc. It's about $8 if I remember correctly, but nonetheless no more than $10 (hello, bargain!) This liner is pretty much the same as the Lancome Artliner which I also love as well but they are completely the same! Except the Lancome liner is about $30. I definitely recommend the Loreal Paris liquid liner, I've been using it forever! & very affordable for anyone just getting into makeup or looking for a new one to try out :)

Hope you all enjoyed this little 'how to'
Hope you girls are having a FABULOUS week as well,
xo Love.
Natasha Marie

Pause for a few seconds everyday & realize how beautiful life really is. We only have one life to live, make it worth while.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

OUTFIT of the night. ♡♡

hey pretty ladies! :)
Here's a little post on my outfit I decided to put together on a night out a few weekends ago! I'm trying my best to "shop in my closet more" instead of running out and purchasing a brand new outfit every single weekend I want to have a night out. It's been working, sometimes, other times I can't help but get excited to do some shopping (who doesn't!)

Originally, I had on a simple black dress (purchased at Forver21) hair was down with some volume and I went with a nude lip. Then, I decided to spice it up a little - I decided to go back to my closet to my "blazer" section and I picked out a statement blazer, pulled up my hair that was full of volume to create a high bun, and get some MAC 'Girl About Town' lipstick. And, then my outfit was officially done!
A little pieces you have hanging in your closet can always add that last touch to your outfit !
Even a high bun & some bright lipstick can always can do wonders for an outfit ! It always give your look a little more style!

I also decided to go with this green statement ring to add that pop or color ! I love love big rings that have a different color that my outfit. I got this ring at Charolette Russe for about $5 !
One of my favorite rings!

& this was my look for the night! I wore a gold/black Steven Madden side purse because 1.)It went perfectly with my outfit 2.) Side purses are always easier to go out with ! :)

Hope you girls enjoyed this post.

Natasha Marie

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rimmel London mini HAUL.

Kate Moss Lipstick Collection for Rimmel London

You can never have too many options when it comes to lipsticks, shoes, clothes and accessories..well, at least for me & half of the girls that I know. I LOVE having tons of options.
I picked up a few of these new lipsticks from the Kate Moss collection! There are actually 7 different shades but I only found these 3 at Target, they were about $6 if I remember correctly.

Amazing alluring shades developed by Kate for RIMMEL. Exclusive signature pack, smooth on pure London class with the Iconic Lasting Finish Kate lipstick. A true chic treat. Unique, sexy and unconventional, just like Kate. Black Diamond brings incredible new levels of light reflective elements. Creating gorgeous, hypnotizing tones that make you look, then look again.

Here's an up close photo of the shades that I picked up,
from left to right: 01- Classic Red, 14 - Nude, 12 - Coral Red.

I like how these lipsticks actually have a nice scent to them, some lipsticks that I have previously owned always had a not so good scent. I played around with the colors and they go so smooth! They are supposed to last up to 8 hours, so I will be testing out these new babies once I use them on a night out soon!

I absolutely love the sleek packaging for the lipsticks and love that her name is printed with a little heart, details are everything!

Here's an up close photo w/ swatches of the lipsticks. I decided not to edit the picture just so you can get a clear photo of how smooth they go on & see the colors, but the colors itself didn't come out so well in this photo but at least you have an idea of them. The coral color (1st shade) and the classic red are more pigmented in person, the camera definitely didn't pick up the colors for those two shades.

I recently purchased (finally) an acrylic 18 lipstick holder case from Amazon and it just came in the mail yesterday, I love it and the quality ! I was a little hesitant purchasing it online because I didn't want a thin case that would break after a while but this one was really good quality! Not thin at all and you can tell it will last long, once I fix it up I'll post pictures to share.

Well, that's all for tonight. I hope everyone had a fabulous day today & I hope you wake up every morning feeling grateful for this life we have.

Natasha Marie

Monday, September 3, 2012

Organization tip | How to keep your boots from falling over.

hey ladies*,
I wanted to share with you girls what I always do with my boots ! :) I've become obsessed with having (trying) to have everything organized - so far, it's going lovely. I like knowing where everything is at and have everything nice and neat. Plus, everything looks better like that. Since I am still in the "unpacking process" I decided this was the best time to take some photos and show you all how I keep all my fall boots from falling over & looking messy!

-Pick out some old magazines that are collecting dust.
-Fold in half.
-Insert into boot
& you now have your boots looking nice and neat !
How easy was that :)
I love doing this with all my boots! They look so put together in my closet and it's easy to pick out which pair you feel like wearing.

Hope you enjoyed this mini organization tip that does wonders with old magazines!


Natasha Marie

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