Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lovely new red lipstick. Thanks Mommy .

Red lipstick is fun sometimes :)


  1. You can definitely pull it off!

    Btw i nominated you for an award on my blog =)

  2. awe thanks hunni !!
    hey i had a question.
    how in the WORLD do i know when i have comments ??

    i never know :(

    unless i go on my blog and scroll down and look for them :(

  3. omg i know wat u mean!!! i have no idea, i dont think they tell u or anything...i have to go on my page and scroll down haha

  4. lmao. boooo. thats not fun! hahaha. oh welllls I guess we must do that at least im not the only one haa :) well it's nice meeting you gorgeous. and i hope one day we will figure this out about the comments .. lmao

  5. haha i hope so =) its very nice meeting u too =)

  6. i think i figured it out! if u go to ur settings, on the Comments tab, all the way down u can enter an email address and ur gonna be notified if someone left a comment or not lol if u go leave a comment on my blog ill tell u if it actually works haha

  7. Red lips look hot on you. I love red lips and anyone woman who can rock a red lip is simply a super this!


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