Friday, April 2, 2010

80's workout party :)

HAA!!! I LOVE THIS PHOTO :) My beautiful friend && I decided to have some fun in front of this huge fan, check out my hair ! Total 80's party :) I loveee theme parties !

Check out my awesome 80's makeup :) Thank to miss Kandee Johnson && her youtube video I was able to get this look, changed it up a tad bit but yess :) -At our local gym, we had this super fun 80's workout party!! It was a blast :) Did an hour of ZUMBA, danced the night away && even had some margaritas !

Standing in front of my best friend of the night, the fan ! haa

Hey dolls!
Thought I'd share some fun photos with you guys! This past weekend at our gym we had a 80s workout party! Here are some of the photos, it was SO MUCH FUN. We all got a GREAT workout in && had some yummy good && margaritas !

My working out is going so great, I'm in LOVE with ZUMBA, I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with it or not, if you guys are let me know how you guys like it ! I am feeling so confident in my body now, my legs are getting so toned, my arms are stronger, my belly is flatter :) I loveee this road I am on ! I want to be that healthy in shape mom for my future kids (hopefully 5 years) lol. But yes, right now I am focusing on taking care of my body, watching what I eat, but NOT BEING THE CRAZY PSYCHO girl that can't go anywhere where junk food is being served. I want to be able to LIVE my LIFE, eat a bag of chips if I want too, eat tacos when my friends && I are hungry,, but just mange it and always hit the gym ! I've been hitting the gym more than ever, I love it, it makes me feel good, makes me feel GREAT knowing every time I walk out of the gym, my body just got a little bit more stronger !


Tasha Marie


  1. i love the makeup! it looks so funky &colorful!

  2. omg this is hilarious. your makeup is awesome! you make a great 80s chick, lol!


  3. haa thankkk you dawls !! it was soooo much FUN dressing up for this :)

    you always must be a kid at heart and have fun and not care how dumb you may look as long as you are having the time of your life

    <3 <3

  4. FUN!
    Glad you're enjoying working out! Same here, I realized I can eat some junk food....just not all the time. lol.

  5. omg! that looks totally fun... i dnt work out but if i make my workout like that... im sure ill be motivated

  6. haa thanks loves. It was a BLAST. We are having a disco party soon, haa that should be fun as well :)

  7. love the makeup and the outfit looks real funky

  8. lovee the makeup. & yess i am familiar with zumba. & i want to try it! but idk how it works !?


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