Thursday, November 19, 2009

My 1st tattoo...&& not the last...

Hello gorgeous bloggers.

I got this awesome tattoo this past summer in California :) Just thought I'd show you all.
It hurt like HELL. But thankfully, the guy tattooing me was awesome! He talked me the whole way through it :)

I got "La Bella Vita" which in Italian means the beautiful life.

I am obsessed with life quotes, and I am a very positive person. I believe life is beautiful & every single day I am so thankful for the littlest things! Life is so short, and it is so scared to think that you never really know when you last day can be. I cherish everything about my life, and I hope you all do too :) Life is so beautiful when you think about, even the smallest things. Such as a sunset, the beach, watching kids laugh, old people walking together and still holding hands :) I enjoy the little things, this is why I decided to get this tattooed on me :)
I designed the lettering && the cute little heart around it:)

xoxo. Tasha Marie.

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  1. that is so cute and i agree
    life can pass u bye in a blink of an eye

    what does it mean?la bella vista?


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