Sunday, December 4, 2011

How to - decorate your iPhone case!

Hi gorgeous ladies,
I wanted to share with you all my new iPhone case I decorated & share some fun tips.
This honestly ONLY took about a good 20 mins :) This is what happens when you are in the mood to decorate and your iPhone case is right next to you. I've been meaning to decorate my case since I first purchased it but I hadn't had a chance to sit down and get my materials ready.

I've been getting tons of compliments & tons of "I don't have the patience to do that" or "How long did that take you!!"... 20 mins tops :)
& this all costs less than $8!
First & foremost (& to have your phone unique) look around your room and see what little arts and crafts you may already have. The little camera I have on my case is actually from a Forever21 necklace I've had for quite a long time (it was only $1.50) & since I have quite a few of those small necklaces I decided to use it as an accessory. Also, the eiffel tower is actually an earring! (Also from Forever21 & was only $1.50 as well) But I lost the other earring so I figured it would go great on my phone. The heart button was on the bottom of an old arts & crafts box I had & the little key as well. The only items I purchased were the little "bling" decorations. I purchased them at Michael's - they came in a little pack with purple, white, light pink and bright pink & purple for only about $2.99 & the little decorations at the bottom of my case also purchased at Michael's for about $2.99.
I used super glue for this little project & also cut in half a q-tip to help me place the little jewels on my phone. I 1st placed the camera, eiffel tower, little key, and square decorations on my phone were I wanted to glue them & placed those on my phone 1st. Then all I did was grab my super glue and place it on a good medium size & quickly grabbed the end of a q-tip that I cut in half & slowly started grabbing the jewels and placing them all over my phone. Within 20 mins. I was done & had a brand new phone case.
Also, at the end of this little project I put clear nail polish over everything just to make sure everything stays in place. && ta-da! :)


Natasha Marie


  1. cute! I have an extra case I'm going to try this :)

  2. Really really cute! Such a good idea!


  3. Great Idea!!
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