Monday, December 12, 2011

Mini haul.

Finally, a day to blog :)
hii to my newest followers (waves at screen with huge smile) & an adorable thank you for all your sweet emails. I love love love getting random emails on beauty related questions!
Here are a few items I picked up - that I definitely didn't need but definitely wanted. I'm excited for all these items and wanted to share them with you.

China Glaze - 963 Blue Iguana
This color is amazing. So bright & has the perfect shimmer look.

Revlon - 940 Facets of Fuchsia
This reminds me of a fun New Year's color I would love to wear. It has a confetti look to it - it's so pretty!

OPI - Step Right Up!
Light pink nude, gorgeous.

Essie - Imported Bubbly
A lighter nude.
I've been loving* the nude nail look, you can never go wrong with that color.

Finally got my hands on these little babies. The times I have checked they've been sold out or only have the darker shades left over. I got lucky today and picked out these two gorgeous colors. I am beyond impressed on how pigmented these are!
Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter
Cotton Candy - I couldn't believe how well this color came on my lips. These aren't considered "lip sticks" but more of a tinted lip conditioner. But they are so pigmented, I'm in loveee with this color. It's a baby doll pink. Not to bright, yet not to dull. I was so surprised to see how well the color is - it has the illusion you are wearing a lipstick. Definitely one of my favorites. I also love love the packaging, they aren't your original lip butter that comes in a little tin can & the color of the packaging is literally the color you get. I love it.

Creme Brulee - The perfect nude.
I'm always a sucker for the perfect nude shade. This color is so creamy. Your lips feel extremely moisturized yet gives the impression you are wearing a lipstick. love love love.

These were both $7.49.

Philosophy - Salt Water Taffy.
Shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath.
lemon taffy scent. I purchased this at TjMaxx, I love love that store. You can find so many fun treasures. This has the most fresh scent ever. I think it also on sale (woohoo) for only about $8, these are normally about $16 so half of that was a good bargain. There is so much product in this bottle - it will last you a good amount of time.

H20 Tango Mango Body Buffer
For clean & smooth looking skin you always need a good exfoliator. I exfoliate my face at least 2 maybe 3 times a week. I found this body buffer also at TjMaxx and decided to give it a try. I used it a few days ago & I loveeee how you can really feel the texture of this body buffer work.
"A multi-textured scrub sensation that combines nourishing extracts of kiwi, apricot, orange and lemon peel to help soften and energize the skin"
I love how fresh it smells & it leaves your skin feeling extra soft..AND it was only about $6 - hello bargain!

The wonderful Burt's Bee. $5.49
I love these. I don't even need to write about these. They are the best :)
These have a pink grapefruit taste, sweeet.
Vitamins C & E for your lips.

Sonia Kashuk - Concealer Palette - Hidden Agenda 07 $8.99
Two concealer shades, one neutralizer and one translucent powder.
This little package is adorable. I've heard many many many good reviews on this little concealer package so I decided to pick it up & give it a try :)

I wore these new babies all day long today on my Christmas shopping day & they are the most comfortable boots ever! & They were a bargain which makes me love them even more. They were regular $59.99 && on sale for $29.99 (score!) They are perfect with skinny jeans or leggings :) & in the summer you can even pair them with little shorts & a cute tank! They aren't thick at all, which I love about them. I didn't want a pair I can ONLY wear when it's cold & these were the perfect ones! :)

Bright blue flats :)
You can never have enough flats. I don't own a pair of blue flats so I had to have these. I love wearing bright colored flats with an outfit to make them stand out. They are pretty comfy also :)

The end.

My insane makeup collection..that's not even HALF of all my makeup. It continues to grow & I love it. I love that I am able to have all this NOT only for MYSELF but for all my friends and family for ANYTHING they need a make over they know where to come :)

Hope you all enjoyed this haul post. I'm going to have a fun time playing around with all my new items :)

Natasha Marie


  1. Love the purple polish. Great haul sweetie

  2. Great haul! I love tjmaxx! I always find theBalm and Philosophy products there

  3. blue iguana is such a gorgeous nail polish color! and oh my, your ballet flats are so pretty! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  4. Thanks for the follow!! :)

    Your blog is amazing- now following!

    That purple nail varnish looks great - definitely think i might get it :D


  5. love the boots and the flats! =]

  6. love the blue flats! i heard a lot of good things about that concealer too but have yet to try it! hope you are doing well!

  7. That body scrub looks interesting! I've been trying to find one for a while now, but they are never abrasive enough. I'll have to give this one try :)

  8. Have you had the chance to wear OPI - Step Right Up!? I am obsessed with OPI and if it's a nice oay off I might just have to go buy it

  9. I just got the Revlon Lip Butters and love it! Great post! xoxo

  10. thanks lovely ladies! I'm loving these items :)

    @Juli ann - Yes, I wore it yesterday! It's a gorgeous light pink nude :) GO BUY IT ! haa.

    @AmyBeth - I love love them !

    @Gena - omg, I loveee that body scrub!!


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