Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ask me lovely questions.

Hey my sweet dawls.

So I ended up getting a formspring a place where you can ask questions, ANY questions. Here is the link...

You can ask ANYTHING how fun is that.

Ohhh && I need you guys help, how can I put that on my page here on blogger ?

I'd like to have a link to it on my sidebar, but I have no clue. If you guys know how please let me know.

Looking forward to answering all your questions.

Have a gorgeous day.


Tasha Marie


  1. i linked you!!!! :0) It's me - VERONICA. read my blog. cause i love you and can't thank God enough for YOU! ps i'm not ready for it to go public in brownsville yet, lol

  2. okay i'm back! i lost my blog!!!! ugh!
    BUT i still tagged you in my NEW blog, lol

    follow me!! I heart you!


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