Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Haul. Haul. Haul :)

Charolette Russe- Lovely earrings I bought for the night life. They are so gorgeous, I was very surprised at the quality, I think they were ONLY about 6 bucks :) Must love bargains! When I'm out wearing these I will wear them with a very simple & sexy solid color tank top (black, purple, turqoise) etc. Always wear solid color shirt when your earrings have a lot of bling on it ;) It makes them stand out a lot more, also wearing your hair UP in a messy bun makes them more noticeable :)

MAC - mac eyeshadows always brings a smile to my heart. Colors are *Purple Shower && *Sushi Flower. I'm loving these summer colors. Ill be styling this summer for sure :) haa.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - IN LOVE. I ran out of me past one && finally bought a new one (yay) I don't like leaving my house with out this gorgeous touch on my cheeks! I don't put it ALL OVER my cheeks, just on my higher part of the cheek. Sometimes, a small stroke down my nose && on my temples! It does wonders. Try it :)
Leaf necklace - I got this lovely necklace @ PacSun :) I love wearing this necklace with a plain white tank top, hair messy, and some cute flats :) I think it's funny how I write down every outfit I wear with it :) Just to give you guys ideas !

Black Eyeliner - $24.50

ArtLiner - Presicion Eyeliner - $29.00
As you can see I bought two of these, I'm SO IN LOVE WITH these eyeliners. They are a bit pricey, but they are worth it. This product stays on ALL DAY long, I have never had a problem with this product and it stays on FOREVER. I will never use another eyeliner I've been using the same eyeliner the past 2 years, crazy huh :)

I got one in BLACK && wanted to try this gorgeous MIDNIGHT GLAM blue, look how beautiful it is :)
I adore my products that I have bought over the past 2 weeks :) The eyeliners are my favorite.
Eyeliner makes the biggest difference on your eyes. It amazes me, I'm excited to try out the blue eyeliner. It's fabulous.

Hope you all enjoyed my haul, any questions, comments or anything whatsoever drop a comment.

Stay gorgeous && beautiful bloggers.

--Natasha Marie.

You’ve changed me. You’ve shaped me into this girl who is actually capable of loving someone, when just a few months ago, she couldn’t even love herself.


  1. Great haul sweetie(:
    I love the earrings! Really pretty xx

  2. Gorgeous haul doll!!!Love the eyeshadows!!!

  3. great loot! i love the necklace & the earrings.

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  5. awesome haul!
    LOVE the mac eyeshadows sooooooo pretty!!!

  6. omg love those earrings from charlotte russe. they look so elegant!

  7. i'm going to buy that mac skinfinish! Is there a specific shade or is that just skinfinish?



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