Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happiness is the goal.

Makeup was extremely simple today :) Simple black eyeliner && mascara :) Along with my blush. There are days where I love to be glam, and other days where I am happy wearing just mascara, or other days just eyeliner.

I believe taking care of yourself is such an IMPORTANT factor on being a girl. I love being a girl, I love to take care of my skin, my body, my hair, my feet..everything. Plus, taking care of yourself is like pampering yourself little by little. Not saying you must go to a spa && spend $250 every week - no way! I'm talking about washing your face every night, having your hair nice & healthy, nails looking great, feet are soft. I love all the girly things :) && I know my boyfriend enjoys it as well lol even though he teases me at times on how long I take or small guy stuff, he loves that I take care of myself haa.

Simple post.

The end.


"A girls heart is as fragile as an egg"


  1. hey your make up looks really good...very natural :)..

  2. already following :)...looking forward to more of your post!


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