Tuesday, March 16, 2010

..a lovely small Target haul :)

I was going to Target for some cotton balls..walked out with a bag of fun goodies !

Maybelinne Eyeshadow - Look how GORGEOUS this color is , I LOVE how it has this beachy touch to it, it's very pigmented && shiny, I can't wait to try it out .

Sonia Kashuk - Picked up these two eyeshadows from Sonia <3>

* Dancing Queen. Looks gorgeous :)

Maybelinne- Lipgloss in 40 Lolly Pink, I tested it out at the store, its sooo pretty. A lovely pink color but not too bright . Perfect for outdoor wear !
L'OREAL - HIP paris. This duo eyeshadow comes with a dark green eyeshadow, and a light brown natural color. I haven't had a color like this to my collection, so I had to pick it up :)

In LoVE - Sally Hansen. Maxium Growth nailpolish plus nourishing nail color :) Today I'm using Vanilla Whimsy, I adore this color, it's light but gives my nails a very natural color. I'm loving it.

Don't you just hate but LOVE at the same time where you go into a store && promise yourself your not going to buy any makeup, and then walk out with a gorgeous bag of goodies :)

Well, that happened to me the other day. I bought a few things and my lovely Target. I'm loving the nailpolishes && eyeshadows!

Guess what.

I was hired to shoot a 2ND WEDDiNG !! I shot last weekend, and it was a huge success!! I met TONS of people && did a lot of marketing :) It's such an amazing feeling knowing I am doing what I was BORN to do :)

I hope all you lovely ladies take pride in what you are meant to do in your life and you go after it no matter what anyone thinks or says, beleive me the reward will be huge :)


  1. Hey! I discovered your blog when I commented DulceCandy's and I'm following now! You're into all the things I'm into.. Photography, makeup, & clothes!
    & I'm the saaame way! When I go into a store for something, I end up buying at least one makeup product. hah :)
    Congrats on your 2nd wedding shoot, btw!

  2. The eyeshadow colours look gorgeous! Love the blues xx

  3. youve got a great haul. and i def. love sonia kashuk as far as drugstore type brand makeup it works well!


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