Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm back!!! My fav. xmas gifts !!

My adorable Coach shoes - yay :)
Hey gorgeous bloggers!! Sorry I have been sooo busy :) But I'm back!! I hope everyones x*mas was wonderful & everyone got a few things that they wanted :) I had such an amaziiing x*mas with my family. I have never felt so blessed. I decided to take a few photos of some of my favorite gifts!! Not to brag but to share with you all :) If you have any questions on any of these items drop a comment!! Stay tuned tons of more blogs coming soon!!

This is my awesome Coach wallet I really wanted from my lovely boyfriend! It's perfect. Just the one I wanted!
Plus, It's PINK inside :)

This was in my stocking! The colors are BEAUTIFUL

Perfume <3>

MAC brushes :) Their holidays gifts that came with a super cute makeup bag!

Some more MAC eyeshadows and that's the super cute makeup bad the brushes come with !

Ooooo la la la. Lovely pigments :)

Urban Decay <3

Some swatches.

These are some fun accessories I got. I loveeeeee anything girly lol.

Beautiful Coach nailpolishes :)

A present from my Aunt. I am in loveee with iiit .

...Plus, I got ALL of these clothes and other fun things but I just wanted to share with you my favorite items :)

My favorite :) The Sephora holiday makeup pallete. It's amaziiiing!!!

I hope everyone had the most greatest xmas with their family! I wasn't expecting to get so many great things, I am sooo thankful for my family and wonderful boyfriend. This was by far the best xmas I have ever had in a really long time. I'd love to see what everyone else has gotten for xmas too!

Until next time dawls !

xoxo. Tasha Marie


  1. glad your back!!!
    you got some amazing gifts! i LOVE coach!
    very cute stuff (makeup!!)

  2. Wow! Looks like you made out really good!! :) Loving the leopard fedora. And wowza, lots and lots of makeup, now you can have fun with it!!

  3. the urban decay quad looks like its gonna be really beautiful on you!

  4. Hey!
    I love those Coach shoes! Ive been wanting to get a brown pair.
    Oh your wedding pictures are amazing! You did such a great job!
    And about the Coastal Scents blush palette..
    Its really nice. All the colors are really pigmented and they go on nicely. Shipping is fast to with them! The only thing is a few of the colors are really similar in the same palette, but slightly different.



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