Sunday, January 24, 2010

Outfit of the day & Random talk :)

Playing around in the sisters rooooom.

I had a cute outfit on today. lol. So I thought might as well snap some photos ! :)

Everything I am wearing is from the lovely FOREVER 21 <3>

So guess what dawl, my appointment went great and I was HIRED ON THE SPOT !!!! She even got teary looking at my work. So it's official I will be photographing my 2nd wedding !!!

I am so excited beyond anything. It shows me that my hardwork has payed off & more and more people are knowing who I am down here. I've never gotten so many emails from interested people that want photos done by MEEEEE.

On a sad note, my great grandfather passed away @ 5 this morning. It made me sad, he was over 90..he was getting really sick.. and weak, couldn't eat by himself or even go to the restroom on his own. On the other side, it made me happy. Because now hes in a place where he has no cares in the world && he can have fun jumpin on the clouds && he can eat pizza all day long and watch tv all day in pajamas.

I miss him already but I'm so glad he has lived such a long beautiful life !


The wedding is in a month and a half ! I can't believe it. If you guys follow me on my facebook and if you dont follow me on there!! I'm always on iiit just search my full name (Natasha Marie Gutierrez ) the feedback I get from friends is amazing, It pushes me It makes me realize how much people admire my determination !!

i hope you all never give up your dreams, I am sooo excited for the future.

It's going to be a bright future, so put on your Ray Bans <3


  1. shoes are oh so cute!!! sorry to hear about your grandpa :( atleast he lived a long life & he isn't in pain anymore. he's in heaven with my grandma! :)


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