Sunday, February 28, 2010

ask me something, anything :)

Old hair. wow I was blonde. It was actually a light brown color with highlights, but it just came out extremely light in the photo :) I love to change my hair, this was about 3 years ago. Now, I am jet black, && I love it.

I'd thought I'd post a fun post. Ask me questions, any questions :) Beauty, fitness, purses, makeup, hair, anything and everything :) Drop a comment below or even email me & I will post the questions on a seperate blog && answer all questions :)

I am thinking of doing a random giveaway sooooon.
just for fun.

Until next time ladies.

Stay gorgeous.

"..and when you really think about, life it beautiful"

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  1. RE to your comment...
    If you're gonna get some new tools definitely get the buffer block. It really did make my polish last longer! And if you're going to just go natural, it looks like you have clear on or something.


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