Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Roller Derby Party!

If you guys don`t know this already... well, I absolutely LOVE theme parties!!! We drove 6 hours just to attend a fabulous Roller Derby Party!!! One of our amazing friends was having her fabulous party and there was NO WAY we were going to miss it. Playing dress up is so much fun! Sometimes, you have to NOT CARE what anyone thinks of what you`re wearing :) It was a house party that ended with us going downtown bar hopping. You should have seen the amount of stares we got! Some people were like "you guys look awesome!!!" then we got the "what are you wearing!" haaa. It was a blast ! I did the makeup for all of us :) && the BEST part... my entire wardrobe was in my closet...and most of my friends costumes were from my closet as well :)



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"You just got to live, stop planning your moves, you might be surprised"

My fabulous birthday.

Since I haven`t been on here in forever! I`d LOVEEEE to share with you guys some of my fabulous birthday photos!! My wonderful friends through me an amazing fun party at our favorite bar :) I was IN LOVE with my dress ... you will never believe it was ONLY $22.50!!! I got it at Agaci` :) My fabulous bright ring was only $4 at Forever21. Such a great combo for such an amazing low price! I loved that my ring really stood out. My dress fit so perfect & I felt extremely comfortable wearing it. It was the BEST birthday. I felt so blessed! I am loving life more than anything in the world.

" There`s this boy, && he puts the color in my world..."

yes, I`m alive & BACK!

^^ After I dyed my hair JET BLACK :) I love it. I just want to tan a little bit more! lol

A little wave in my hair from my straightener

My girls && I ...& a hotdog.

My prince charming. The boy that saved my heart :)

Hello my lovely readers! Wow - I don`t even remember the last time I was on here :( What a horrible blogger I`ve been! School has been NUTS !! So much has happened lately ! My life has completely turned around! I`ve met the greatest guy in the world. As you all know I was going through a VERY hard heartbreak. I have never felt so ALIVE. Not only did I put my heart back together but this wonderful man that I know God had waiting for me was sent down just for me :) I call him my angel! I`m going to post a few random photos :) Enjoy loves! I`m really going to try and keep up with this, leave your comments, I love reading them!