Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New lipsticks & swatches : )

Hi beauties,
I just recently purchased these lipsticks/lipglosses & wanted to share some photos/swatches with you. I'm loving these colors! I've already used the Smashbox lipglosses during the day & have gotten tons of great compliments. The two Smashbox lipglosses I purchased at Sephora. The 1st lipgloss is called TEASE & the 2nd one is called CANDY. They have a great smell to them also :)

This gorgeous nude Lancome lipstick I purchased at Dillards; I'm not quite sure the price but if I find the receipt I'll post it. This color is so natural looking, definitely my favorite nude for now. This color is called Camisole Shimmer :) Here's an up close photo & a swatch will be at the end of the post.

This hot pink Revlon lipstick is beyond gorgeous, it's very pigmented & stayed on my lips for hours :) I've worn it out already - definitely a hit. I purchased this lipstick at Target for LESS than $5 with tax! Great deal huh?! :) The name of this lipstick is called Pearl Fusion. Here is an up close & swatch will be at the bottom.

& here are the swatches from top to bottom

1.) Revlon - Pearl Fusion 657, purchased at Target.
2.) Lancome - Camisole Shimmer, purchased at Dillards.
3.) Smashbox - Candy, purchased at Sephora.
4.) Smashbox - Teasel purchased at Sephora.

Hope you girls enjoyed this blog post with wonderful swatches.

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  1. Great colors!!! I love sephora and smashbox. Thanks for doing the swatches on your skin. You can really get a good idea how they look by doing this! I appreciate it. One HOPES in the store that colors turn out ok on you! HAHAHA And then you go home and you're disappointed. HAHAHA
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  2. Totally adding Pearl Fusion to my to-buy list! :)

  3. hey sweet girl there's an award awaiting you in my blog!!!

  4. Love all of the colors, thanks for sharing! I think my favorite is the first hot pink Revlon! Super sexy! xox

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog & follow back if you'd like! :)

    Also, we are doing a giveaway for a Tiffany & Co. necklace!


  5. those colors are so pretty! hey check out my blog I gave you an award :]

  6. thanks for your lovely comment :*
    the nude pair of lipstick and lipgloss is really cute, love it (:

    xoxo Olja

  7. The Revlon one looks like one I would choose, but all of them are pretty colors and I'm sure they look gorgeous on you. I also passed an award to you, you can see it on my latest post. P.S. Love those wedding photos!

  8. NICE, these colors look amazing, I LOVE the red it`s gorgeous! (: Great Post!

    <3 Dollie.


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