Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Face/eye make up of the day.

hey gorgeous readers,
First of all, a big hello to my newest followers :::waves at laptop:::: (: & by the way I love love love reading all your comments and all your sweet Twitter comments as well :) This was my make up look a couple of days ago I posted a photo on my Facebook page but wanted to show you more photos & the eyeshadows I used on this look. This is a simple yet a little smokey look. This was a day look with only MAC Naked Lunch and made it into a night time look when I added MAC Club Satin & a little MAC Carbon (photos posted below) You can dress up any day look to night time look with any darker shade. Blending is the #1 secret to get this look, you need a blending brush to get a smokey dramatic eye. I used my MAC blending brush but ANY blending brush you find at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS will give you this look as well. I get plenty of comments on this look and will definitely be filming a YouTube video for this look. This week is going to be nuts & next week - crazy busy. Once these two weeks are over with I'm going to start making my videos - I can't wait ! Here are the photos of the MAC eyeshadows I used for this look. Enjoy.

^^ MAC Club Satin $14.50

^^ MAC Carbon $14.50

^^MAC Naked Lunch $14.50

Hope you all enjoyed this post, I love love love sharing any ideas & tips I have for you all. If you all have any questions or comments leave them down below & I'll get back to you on any questions.

Natasha Marie

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  1. I love how the shadow goes from light to dark. Very pretty! :D

  2. Super like it.

  3. There's a little award on my blog for you xx

  4. love this. do you have a youtube channel?

  5. You are so cute girl!Great Blog, keep it up!! Following! Follow back!! :) 

    Forget me not,


  6. ooo i love the dramatic effect!, great smokey look!!
    are those your real lashes?? wow they look stunning!!

    great blog,
    Annina S.

  7. I love your blog and make-upm looks so good!
    I just became your newest follower hope you check out my blog. <3

  8. Ooo how pretty! The shadow went very well with the color of your eyes:)


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