Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Nails

hi lovely readers,
It feels like it has been FOREVER since I have last wrote a blog! I've gained even more followers so a big hello to all my new gorgeous ladies!
Here are some photos of my "holiday nails" I had for Christmas Eve/Christmas!
This was pretty easy to you & it's completely up to you on how much glitter you want on your nails :) I purchased both of these OPI's at Target for about $8.99 I believe.

The first photo (above) is called CONGENIALITY IS MY MIDDLE NAME, it's a dark dark fuchsia color - it caught my eye walking down the nail polish section. It's gorgeous & Christmas popped in my mind when I saw it !

IN LOVE! This OPI glitter is called CROWN ME ALREADY, as you can tell in the photo above all the tiny sequence in this nail polish. I thought it would come out clumpy but it's all up to how much you want on your nails. I tried it on my bare nail & with even one coat it came out pretty nice but with two more coats the glitter was so pigmented! I love it, (: Definitely recommend this nail polish!

After I coated my nails with CONGENIALITY IS MY MIDDLE NAME (2 coats) & let them dry a bit...I then slowly put a good amount of CROWN ME ALREADY only on the tip of all my nails..after a few seconds on letting them dry I then slowly got a small/medium amount of glitter on my brush and slowly pushed down the glitter to the middle of my nails. I wanted the "faded" look of glitter on my nails. After that was done, I used my Sally Hansen top coat and put them all over my nails & ta-da! Holiday Nails! I love love love the way they came out, this is the first time I've done this look & so many people were complimenting it. I'm planning a look like this for New Year's!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas was truly wonderful! My family && boyfriend made this year the best it has ever been! I'm feeling more blessed than I ever have & I couldn't be more thankful! My room is flooded with presents it's unreal. I hope all of you had an amazing time with your family!

I'll be blogging a lot more because I love love love it & loveee reading all the lovely comments from each and everyone of you!

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

Natasha Marie


  1. This is soo pretty, i'm absolutely trying this on myself. I'm not big on spending time designing my nails, but this is super easy, and fast and i appreciate you teaching me something new :)

  2. Ooh, I love the way that looks! So festive-y, lol

  3. Hello!!!! thank you for visiting my blog and follow me im starting to follow you too! :)
    love your post for nail polish tips specially this one im definitely trying it!!!!
    you should make posts with your Naked palette which i absolutely love!!! hope we're in contact!
    kisses Ale!

  4. Hey, your Blog is amazing ! Thanx for sharing such wonderful things :) Greetings from Germany, xoxo Liz

  5. Oh this looks really great! Thanks for your comment Im following back :)

  6. really nice ! i love it!
    And you look so pretty :-) Happy New Year, lovely blog, we could follow each other on fb, google and bloglovin if you want to !<3

  7. i love this nail polish style! ive always tryed it but never worked :( haha xoxo!

  8. really nice post!:)
    Lovely greetings xx

    Would be really happy about a visit;):

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    Love, Martina.

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  11. Ooo I love this effect, great job :D


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