Monday, January 9, 2012

Mini Target Haul.

hi dollls.
I picked up a few items yesterday from Target & wanted to share them with you. I've been on a nail polish hunt! Ive been getting tons of new nail polishes! You can never have enough nail polishes :) So let's get started on my new wonderful items!

The famous YES TO CUCUMBERS hypoallergenic facial towelettes
( Best of Beauty Award Winner in Allure Magazine 2011 )

I'm always always always trying out new make up remover towelettes. This is my 2nd time purchasing these, I love them. They leave your skin feeling ( & smelling ) so FRESH. These little babies are ONLY $5.99 for 30 sheets :) which is a great bargain knowing you only pay a good 6 bucks for an item that you get to use for a month. These are good for a night that you are exhausted ( or just lazy ) to take off your make up. We've all had those days and these make over remover towelettes always come in handy. These always come in my daily night routine. I use these 1st to remove all my make up & then I go on with all my other cleaners to make sure I remove all dirt & oil. It's so very important for you skin! You skin always seems to seem more youthful when you really take care of it :) ( & you are less likely to get much acne ) (big plus) So yeah, I really recommend these! :)

New 2012 Planner
I am obsessed with writing down everything. I feeling organized and having everything at the palm of my hands. I have been on a hunt for a good planner and found this one. I loveeee when my planners are pretty large. I like to be able to write a ton of things. Plus, I like the larger print. I'm always jotting down something whether it is plans, homework, future blogs, inspiration quotes, anything and everything!

NEW NAIL POLISHES! My favorite part of my purchase!
(jumps for joy)

"A cut above"

This pink glitter top coat will look amazing over a black coat or any other color you would want to put over. I love the large glitter detail. It's going to make such a fun statement on your nails. I've already tested it out even alone on my nails and it's the perfect glitter amount. It isn't thick at all.

"Turquoise & caicos"

Mint nail polish always catches my eye. This nail polish is going to look gorgeous during the summer time :)

Nicole by OPI

I was finally able to pick up some of the "Kardashian Kolor" line ! I wanted to pick up the entire line but most of them were sold out. I've heard tons of great reviews on how pigmented these nail polishes are so it was time to get some for myself. & I am so surprised at all pigmented that truly are! These are my first "Nicole" purchases and after playing around with them I'm really liking them!

Nicole by OPI
Kardashian Kolor

" Wear Something Spar-Kylie"

This color is so cute. Pink with sparkles in it.

Nicole by OPI
Kardashian Kolor

"Follow me on Glitter"

This color is so gorgeous! Black with different colored sparkles in it :)

I'll be trying out all of these & be posting them on my Facebook & Instagram!

My Instagram username is : Purechaos_xo

I'm always posting up tons of photos :)

Hope you ladies enjoyed this haul of mine.


Natasha Marie

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  1. Great Haul!!
    Very pretty Nail colors

  2. A cut above looks phenomenal...I need to get my hands on that one!! Thx for sharing :) xx

  3. I love those yes to cucumbers wipes, i use them too but they do sting my face a bit!

  4. great haul and love the items!
    Also, thank you so much for your lovely comment


    My Lyfe ; My Story

  5. Love the nail colors! great blog too x

  6. I've been wanting to try out the kardashian line out, everywhere I go it's sold out

  7. Awesome haul, wish we had a target here in the UK! I love your planner too, you've reminded me that I'm still to buy mine so thanks! :)

  8. LOVEEE THE nail art from essie !!
    Like your blog !

    Follow each other ??



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