Saturday, May 25, 2013

My IPSY bag full of goodies/review!

MAY Ipsy Glam Bag!
Hello my beauties! 
1st of all, a huge thank you to my readers who participated in my Giveaway which was sponsored by Zinio Magazine! I  hope you guys enjoy your free magazine subscription! 

Now for some beauty talk,
if you all haven't heard of the monthly Ipsy bag subscription here's a little info about it :
- $10 monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime you want
- you receive a different Glam Bag a month with deluxe samples and full sized beauty products!
-You get to choose which products you would enjoy more: hair, lips, nails, etc.

I've seen many other monthly subscriptions & was never really excited to subscribe but after seeing/reading a lot about Ipsy, I thought - let's try it ! So I subscribed and got my very first bag AND...I really love it ! So I'll probably be sticking with this and share all my bags with you girls! for $10  month I thought 'why not?' and I'm impressed with everything!

So let's take a look on exactly what I got in my bag! 

So, first of all.. I love the hot pink packaging it came in ! Everything was packed very nice and you can tell they actually took the time to wrap the products to protect them! Another thing, I really liked that you get plenty of emails from them letting you know your payment process, when you should be receiving it, your tracking number, and the products you'll be getting ! Each bag will get a few of the same things but certain bags will get different products depending on which products you like more on the little quiz they give you once you become a member! It was like receiving a little Christmas gift not knowing what exactly you're getting! As soon as I opened up the bag I thought..'Yup! I'm keeping this subscription!" 

little things..

& these are the products I got in my Glam Bag! Love them all, very happy with my bag for the month~

This is the little bag that all your goodies come in! The size is perfect, it's pretty much the size of my hand, and I love love love having extra little bags like these because they are perfect for traveling! Or you can keep the bag in your purse and keep bobby pins or even some makeup! These are also really good to keep things organized in your bedroom or closet.

& now for the products ! 

ZOYA Nail Polish in Julie.
Lavender shade with some shimmer. (Price $8)

Mirabella lipstick in DAYDREAM. (Price $22)
Pretty pink shade.

Pacifica Roll On Perfume in Gardenia. (Price $8.50)
These are perfect to keep in your purse for a quick spray every once in a while because no one likes to smell This actually smells soooo good! Reminds me of beach weather..

 Sample size of a concealer in the shade Honey, after playing around with it - it was pretty good coverage! 

You also get these little coupons just for being a member! And I don't know about you girls, but I love coupons! 

& last but not least a full size NUME finishing serum! I love love love this! This conditions and seals your hair once you are done styling! There is actually a lot of product in this container! You can also keep this in your purse for touch ups throughout the day!

All in all : Really liked my Glam Bag and will keep my subscription! At first I thought well if it isn't worth it I will just cancel it but after getting my first bag I love it.  For $10 a month you can't beat it and regular price for all these items separately would be over $50 in total ! This makes me happy! 

I hope you girls are having a beautiful week! 

Thank you again for all your comments & emails! They mean the world to me.

Natasha Marie 

"There is always something good in every single day" 

Friday, May 17, 2013

MAC Riri Woo, Limited Edition Lipstick.

Hello my beauties,
SO, the other day Mr. Mailman dropped off a beautiful package just for me. The New Rihanna Riri Woo lipstick by the fabulous MAC. 

One word: Gorgeous.

Can you believe this lipstick SOLD OUT in 3 hours after going up for sale! The next shipment for these won't be until June! Mark your calendars ladies! :) 

I absolutely love the detail on the lipstick of her autograph, and if you know me well enough you know details are everything to me, here are some up close photos of the gorgeous shade! 

A little tip on how to always make sure you get the limited edition lipsticks from MAC.
*Buy online! It's much easier to sign online and hit "add to bag" rather than trying to beat the MAC lovers at the counter of your mall. Also, if you are a lipstick freak like myself and love love love to collect the limited edition lipsticks from MAC - set your alarm on your phone lol. Yes, sounds crazy but if it wasn't for my little reminder right at 12pm I probably would have forgotten! haha. Carven thought it was crazy and cute at the same time that I set my alarm just to buy it! Oh, to be a girl. 

A little FYI: The rest of the Rihanna MAC collection will launch in four seasonal collections over the coming year! Including eyeshadow palettes, lashes, and brushes! Amazing. I will be getting them all minus the lashes since I never use them. There's just something about a new collection that comes out that I have to get it all. 

Here is a swatch up close up this shade; the perfect Red.

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Hope you lovelies enjoyed this post !
Did any of my blogger beauties have a chance to pick it up, if so ..are you loving it ?
Leave me your comments/Requests down below!

Natasha Marie

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Dream big, always.

 One of the most beautiful feelings in the world is knowing you have big dreams for your life and you want each and every one of them to come true, the beauty of that - you can make them all happen.
Each of us is born with a talent - every one of us. Some take full advantage of their talent and show the world what they are capable of doing, others are afraid what the world may think. The most important thing - is realizing you are worth it and your talents are a gift for you to explore and show your true colors. One of my favorite quotes that I like to live by is "Live the life you have always imagined" I see that in my office room every time I get ready for another day. It makes me smile to read that and know I have some big dreams in my life - some that are already happening for me, some that have happened to me, and some that are YET to happen for me. It's such a beautiful thought knowing some of the best things in your life have yet to happen! Life is too short to be anything but happy & life is too short to be afraid to go after your dreams. Live a life you are proud of so one day you can look back on your life with a huge smile...& that is exactly what I plan to do :)

Go out there & live the life YOU have always imagined.
You won't regret it.

Until next time lovelies,
Natasha Marie

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Have a fabulous day.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

GIVEAWAY for my lovelies!

Zinio Magazine Subscription GIVEAWAY!

hello lovelies! 
How is everyone's week going by so far? Wonderful, I hope!  The weekend is almost here! :) 

I have such an exciting post for my girls today! I was recently contacted by Zinio Magazine and they are being SO generous in letting me hold a GIVEAWAY for my readers! I will be giving away 10 FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS to my readers, JUST BECAUSE! I will even be receiving one of the free subscriptions which I am so thankful for! A big thank you to Zinio Magazine for allowing this giveaway to take place! If you haven't read my previous post on Zinio Magazine yet, here's a little info about Zinio.

Zinio is the world's largest newsstand with hundreds of digital magazines that can go directly to your iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows 8. Pretty cool huh? Now a days, EVERYTHING is done online, before you would run to your nearest store for the newest magazine out for the month - and now you can get them directly to your iPad!

Some of the magazines Zinio offers: Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, The Oprah Magazine, Oxygen, Food Network, National Geographic, Allure, Glamour, Women's Health, Shape, Elle Decor, Star, US weekly & the list continues! 

These magazines are all digital so you would have to own an iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows 8 to receive the giveaway! Which I absolutely love because I live on my iPad and having a magazine go directly to your iPad would be amazing!

What are the rules to enter my giveaway?

If you are interested in a chance to be apart of this giveaway just leave me your full name, your email address, and the magazine subscription of your choice! Winners can live anywhere in the world since all magazines are digital :) The giveaway will be open for 1 weeks only & once I choose the winners I will be sending Zinio Magazine your email address, full name, and your choice of digital magazine and they will contact you! I'll be sharing my post on here, on my FB, and my IG for all my readers that follow my blog to enter! :) How exciting!

Here is the direct link to their page so you can check out ALL their magazines! Seriously, a million to choose from! 
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Love ,
Natasha Marie