Monday, May 6, 2013

Dream big, always.

 One of the most beautiful feelings in the world is knowing you have big dreams for your life and you want each and every one of them to come true, the beauty of that - you can make them all happen.
Each of us is born with a talent - every one of us. Some take full advantage of their talent and show the world what they are capable of doing, others are afraid what the world may think. The most important thing - is realizing you are worth it and your talents are a gift for you to explore and show your true colors. One of my favorite quotes that I like to live by is "Live the life you have always imagined" I see that in my office room every time I get ready for another day. It makes me smile to read that and know I have some big dreams in my life - some that are already happening for me, some that have happened to me, and some that are YET to happen for me. It's such a beautiful thought knowing some of the best things in your life have yet to happen! Life is too short to be anything but happy & life is too short to be afraid to go after your dreams. Live a life you are proud of so one day you can look back on your life with a huge smile...& that is exactly what I plan to do :)

Go out there & live the life YOU have always imagined.
You won't regret it.

Until next time lovelies,
Natasha Marie

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Have a fabulous day.

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  1. This is such an inspiring post! :D thank you for sharing an uplifting post as i really need it right now as i feel like there is no dorrs open for me in the job department, i really dont want to be in the same job i'm in just now & i have a few things on my bucketlist that i want to fulfil :)
    i hope you fulfil all your dreams :)


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