Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hello, Mint Nails!

Hello gorgeous world! 

& HELLO to the most beautiful Mint shade! Where has this color been all my life?
I knew I wanted a fun summer shade since Fall is going to creep up on us faster than we think - can you believe it's already about to be August! Time is flying quickly! 

I love summer, but this heat is a little over the top...so I wouldn't mind Fall to get here fast! Come on leggings & cute cardigans! :)

Now, let's talk nails!

This afternoon at The Carriage House Day Spa, we went with this absolutely beautiful shade called
 'Re-Fresh MINT' catchy name huh?

These photos do no justice to how beautiful the shade is in person, it's so different & stands out so much!

& might I add that I am in love with the way Rosie shapes my nails? It's always so perfect,  her and Teri are the Queens of Gel Manicures! 

I really love the square shape nails, especially since my nails are a medium/long length. I love when my nails are a bit longer, they give my hands a more feminine look, when they are too short - I feel like they look like little boy hands. LOL

Here are a few other different shapes of nails:

Which shape is your favorite & why?

& here's a little FYI on the description of your nails..

What shade do you have on your nails this week?

I hope you all enjoyed this quick Gel Manicure of the week post! 
If you're interested in this shade - Stop by The Carriage House Day Spa or call (956)544-4111 to book your appointment! :) 

Enjoy this beautiful Tuesday & I will see you in my next blog post !


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