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The #1 Most Important Beauty Product

Hello beauties! 

Today, the topic is over SKINCARE! 
I'll be discussing the MOST IMPORTANT and cheapest beauty product out there that everyone (men, women, and young teens) should be using! 

Let's get started...

Taking care of my skin has always been a huge priority for me - & by that, I don't mean just taking off my makeup at the end of the day with a makeup wipe. I do the entire morning/night time routine with all my favorite skin care products -  but the most important step in the world to me: SUNSCREEN.

Every. Single. Day. No. Matter. What. 

That's right, Sunscreen.

We hear it all the time. How important it is for us. What it can help avoid. But how many of us really take the time to put it on every morning?

I've made it a habit. An everyday habit. I'll leave my helpful tip at the end of this post that helps remind me to put it on every morning! 

Before, I was definitely anti-sunscreen at the beach and in my daily life. Now that I've gotten older, I really take into consideration caring for my skin. Like I've mentioned earlier, a morning/night time routine has always been huge for me since high school (even in middle school!) But really researching about sunscreen has opened up my eyes to the bigger picture. 

Here are some reasons why sunscreen is important:

Skin Cancer: Sunscreen has been proven to help decrease the development of skin cancer. Each year more than 3.5 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the US, over 90 percent of which are caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays

Aging: Sunscreen can help prevent wrinkled and premature aging skin. 
Here's a little proof...

This popular photo & statement (found on
"For years, the American public has been warned of the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays.  As children, we may have run around sunscreen-less (the horror!), but now, one photo demonstrates what countless other scientific studies have failed to convey.
In the picture an unnamed truck driver is directly facing the camera, and one side of his face looks decades older than the other.
Care to guess which side?  Yes, the side exposed to the truck’s window and therefore, the sun."

Skin discoloration: Sunscreen can help prevent sun spots on your face, arms, and hands. 
(photo credit:

My GO TO, never leave the house without it, every morning sunscreen/moisturizer...

(Around $10-$14 depending which store you purchase it) 

Product description:
Healthy Defense® Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 50 provides superior protection from skin aging effects of the sun, when used with other sun protection measures. It keeps skin hydrated all day. This innovative formula contains Helioplex® Technology that helps protect from the harmful UVB-burning rays and UVA-aging rays which can cause premature lines and wrinkles. This daily moisturizer has an exclusive anti-oxidant blend with pure Vitamin E, which helps prevent environmental damage. Lightweight, non-greasy, it's powerful protection and hydration you can rely on all day, every day.
  • Non-greasy
  • Lightweight
  • Contains Helioplex®
  • SPF 50

This has been my most favorite sunscreen/moisturizer! Whether I'm out running errands with my husband, dinner with my girls, Starbucks with my bff, movie night, or doing some shopping: I'm wearing my sunscreen! It's become such a habit, that I'll wear it every morning/day even if I end up staying home and my plans for the day are just to relax and take my dog out for a long run.

Does the brand of sunscreen matter? Not at all, just make sure you are wearing it! Your skin will thank you 10 years from now with the little steps you do on a daily basis. When you're 50 & your skin is looking like you're 30 - you'll be happy you started when you did. 
How do I make sure I don't forget to put on my sunscreen?
  • I leave my sunscreen near my toothbrush. That way, every morning I'm brushing my teeth, I'm reminded to not forget to put some on! I don't just put some on my face. My neck, chest, and arms are all covered as well. Did you know your neck is one of the top body parts wrinkles are formed as well? It's also the least body part we tend to forget about. So, don't forget the neck! 
Teri, the owner of The Carriage House Day Spa..her hands are beautiful, omg, she has the hands of a 20 year old and she is 50 & fabulous. Her secret? Sunscreen growing up! 

Take care of that skin of yours, trust me - you will be grateful you started doing it NOW. It only takes 10 minutes every morning to apply it. Make it a habit in your daily routine, your skin will thank you later.

Until next post. 
Stay positive. Stay humble. and Stay fabulous. 

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  1. Thsnk you for the compliment, and I sm 59! Glad you believed me when I stressed the importance of sunscreen. Save that beautiful face of yours♡

    1. Duh! You are the queen of Sunscreen! Because of you, I'm obsessed! :)

  2. What do you recommend for someone who is horribly allergic to spf? I can't even THINK about wearing sunscreen without getting horrible acne-boils where it is applied! So many moisturizers and foundations have it now, even some powders, I'm mostly going without any makeup and just staying out of the sun as much as possible.

    1. Hi Melinda!
      Check out these top 6 safe SPFs that may help with you skin! It's really informative & even gives you a list of ingredients to stay away from :) I hope it helps! Thanks for your comment!!

    2. Thank you - I will check that out!


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