Friday, February 6, 2015

Miley Cyrus Viva Glam Lipstick Swatches!

Happy Friday lovelies!

Oh, Friday, everyone's favorite day after a producitve week~ Whether your Friday will consist of dinner, having some drinks, catching up on projects, or even a Netflix night IN with your favorite pajamas - enjoy it. You deserve it. Don't forget to always treat yourself to a little down time - it's good for the heart! 

A few days ago, this beauty came in the mail. 


(of course I needed it)
*makeup artist problemssss*

Every cent of the selling price goes towards helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. I love that!

Here are a few swatches in case you were interested in purchasing! 

This shade screams SPRING! 
Which gets me excited for bright colors & dresses soon! 

This shade is super hydrating & very creamy. Very full coverage too, not like other lipsticks you need to apply many times to reach that perfect color. 

Miley Cyrus Tinted Lipglass is part of this collection as well...but that beauty is still in the mail ;)

(photo credit: MAC Cosmetics)

I hope you all enjoyed this mini post,
Have an amazing weekend everyone, I will see you all in my next blogpost!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine Inspired Gel Manicure

Hello dolls,
Cheers to a brand new month! 

Who's excited for this month? ME! It's mine & my husbands birthday month! Wooohoooo!

On another note, it's also that time of the month where roses & chocolates are a huge hit for that special day on the 14th. Who say's your Manicure can't be in the spirit as well?

Check out this beautiful 'Valentines Special' Gel Manicure I just got from The Carriage House Day Spa!

I love love love how girly this manicure looks & props to Rosie for making the perfect little hearts on my ring finger. 

& P.S.

Those little hearts were drawn free hand! No stencils, airbrush, or stickers here! Rosie has the most steady hand for the smallest details. 

There's just something about getting a fresh manicure! Trimming down the nails, fixing the cuticles, and getting coconut oil rubbed on your hands at the end! Always makes a woman feel a little spoiled & happy! Not to mention, your hands feel & look healthy all over again!

What are some of your favorite Valentine inspired designs?

I hope this is a great month for everyone! Make it a good one :)
Stay positive. Work hard. & always remain humble!