Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine Inspired Gel Manicure

Hello dolls,
Cheers to a brand new month! 

Who's excited for this month? ME! It's mine & my husbands birthday month! Wooohoooo!

On another note, it's also that time of the month where roses & chocolates are a huge hit for that special day on the 14th. Who say's your Manicure can't be in the spirit as well?

Check out this beautiful 'Valentines Special' Gel Manicure I just got from The Carriage House Day Spa!

I love love love how girly this manicure looks & props to Rosie for making the perfect little hearts on my ring finger. 

& P.S.

Those little hearts were drawn free hand! No stencils, airbrush, or stickers here! Rosie has the most steady hand for the smallest details. 

There's just something about getting a fresh manicure! Trimming down the nails, fixing the cuticles, and getting coconut oil rubbed on your hands at the end! Always makes a woman feel a little spoiled & happy! Not to mention, your hands feel & look healthy all over again!

What are some of your favorite Valentine inspired designs?

I hope this is a great month for everyone! Make it a good one :)
Stay positive. Work hard. & always remain humble!

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