Tuesday, November 3, 2009

..I have some of the biggest dreams you could ever imagine..

I believe everyone has dreams that they hope to accomplish one day. My dream is slowly happening. My photography is taking off and I have been getting so much work done lately. The feeling is amazing. I was born to do this. Photography is my passion. I want this so bad and I'm going to after it no matter what :] Lately, I have been getting a few amazing messages on my Facebook or Myspace girls letting me know I am inspiring them to go after your dreams no matter what. I love knowing I am actually touching the lives of a few people. It makes me sad when I know people have so many dreams and goals they want to accomplish in life and aren't doing a thing about it. You have to go after what you want, because no one can make it happen but YOURSELF, and when you finally take little baby steps and slowly get to your dream - I promise you the feeling is unexplainable. Anything is possible. I want eveyone to know that :] Everyone is capable of something, everyone is placed on this earth with a talent that can change the world...

What is your dream ?

Have a lovely day everyone.

& start going after your dreams.

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