Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Natural Wavy Hair..

I am OBSESSED with TRESemme products. I go crazy with out it. It does WONDERS. I use the FLAWLESS curls.. and wow. I've tried all the other shampoos but this one always does the work for me. My natural hair (pics below) is fun and wavy.. other shampoos leave it completely dried out and FRIZZZZY, but the moose I use as well , is AMAZIIIING. I even use their leave in conditioner. I recommened it to everyone who has natural wavy hair, my hair is always so shiny and NOT frizzy after I use this amazing products :) Plus, the bottles are always so big and last a good amount of time :]

My natural hair.
I like the "bed head - messy yet cute" hairstlye.



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