Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mommy's job is fun.

These are lovely give a ways my Mommy always comes home with :) I loveeeee it lol. I never run out of anything, and I always have good perfume to just throw in my purse to touch ups later :) Even that really bright green recycling bag :) I can def. use it for beach days! I love it.

Just thought I'd share this with you bloggers.

I'm a photo addict.

& I love taking photos of EVERYTHING.

hope everyone is having a wonderful day today!

xoxo. Tasha Marie


  1. hahaha. She's a beauty adviser for Lancome :)

    yeahhh dude she gets so much fun things like ALL the tiiimeee !

    every time they sell GOOd, they get to choose tons of their products, and their prices are pretty up there for the night creams *& face wash. but wow I loveee them lol.

    && all those little gifts up there they had a big thingie going on, and those are a free things they get. that wasnt even it, she got CK towels, beach bags, perfumes like the whole bottle, its nuts !

    but .. I never complain :)



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