Sunday, November 15, 2009

..&& I still keep shopping.

This is my very packed closet. I went shopping yesterday & bought a ton of new things. haa. I wish I had a bigger closet, when we first moved in here this was the biggest walk in closet I was like OMG I'm like ..why can't I have Carrie's closet from Sex & the City :) I used to have it VERY color organized, but it's hard to keep it sooo neat ha. I try sometimes, you may realize I have a lot of black, my last job required us to wear black all the time. First I hated it, then I loved it because I got to dress it up with fun accessories & fun makeup. I am a shopping addict, and bargain prices are the best ! ha. My friends love my clothes & come raid it every change they get :) I like having a lot of everything, and it's so hard for me to get rid of clothes lol. I always end up saying .."well, maybe one day I'll use it" . Plus, on my photoshoots I take tons of my clothes so it all works out great :] I even have clothes foled on the TOP of my closet && in those clear containers lol. Plus, I have two more drawers full of clothes . my boyfriend is always like "babe you don't need all this clothes, you have a full closet at home". awe what a sweetheart :)
How does your closet look?
Is it as packed as mine ?


These are my favorite rings EVER.
The first one was a gift, it's sooo sprakly I loveee it :)
I wear my rings on my middle finger for some strange reason.
Plus when I'm doing makeup on people I always get fun compliments.
The 2nd ring is sooo vintage :) It was my grandmas from yearssss ago.
I wear it out on nights because it's very shiny.
The 3rd one is my Betsey Johnson ring. it's a cute little bow.
The 4th one, don't be scared of it, it was a gift from my bf. He got it for me from a NYC vintage shop.
I love anthing vintage.
I love items that not a lot of people would wear :)
I love unique things.
I love this ring, is'nt is sooo different :) Some of my friends were like omg it looks scary haa.
I love it, it was pretty pricey too.
It was te best little surprise gift.

I have soooo many rings & earrings & necklaces it's unreal !

If you guys would like me to snap some shots of my MILLIONS of accessories, post a comment and I totally will :]

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day today.
I have been so grateful lately for the littlest things.
When the holidays come up, I feel so thankful & blessed for EVERYTHING.

So anytime you guys are feeling a little down, think of everything around you... your house, family, friends, those are the most important things in life.

"Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realize they meant the world "


  1. ahhh i love the rings!! and ur closet is perfect for a girl haha Carrie status for sure lol mine looked like that till i cleaned it last week now its naked =/ lol

  2. I bet it'd be fun to go shopping in your closet!

    yah, I think your sis will have fun if she likes shimmery colours. and yes the mufe flash palette is $95 or $18 each, I think I'd better use it more often!

  3. OMG thats how i feel bout my closet. And then I keep shopping


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