Friday, November 27, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day! Pray I do wonderful :)

Hello my wonderful, gorgeous bloggers! Just want to say a little HELLO to all my new followers, so glad you all liked my blog and decided to follow!

As you all know if you have been keeping up with my blog I am a photographer :)

The BIG WEDDING is tomorrow!!! A few weeks ago I got hired to shoot my very 1st wedding! I can't believe it :) I am SO EXCITED, and so THANKFUL I was given the opportunity and that they loved my photos SOOO MUCH that they decided to have me photograph the precious moments of tomorrow!

I am a little bit nervous..I must admit.

But I know once I shoot a few photos..I am going to be in heaven.

Pray that I do wonderful & get the most wonderful photos in the world. I have left ALL MY CLIENTS in tears of happiness and I hope to do the same! This is going to be such a HUGE DAY for me!! Never in my life would I have thought at 22 I would be photographing my very 1st wedding! Pure blisss <3>

This was my makeup for the day :) Blue eyes!..They make my brown eyes POP ! So when you have dark eyes, use a bright eyeshadow to make your eyes gorgeous and stand out !

Well gorgeous ladies.

Wish me luck tomorrow.

I am more excited than nervous knowing these photos will be in the palm of my hands!

I hope each of you know you REALLY ARE capable of conquering anything in the world that you want to do. I worked hard to get to where I am at now. And I know this is just the beginning. This was one of my goals in life and I am conquering it more than anything and it feels great!

Everyone is born with dreams, everyone is destined to do something great in their life, but it is only up to YOU to make things happen!

Think about that quote, and go out there and make things happen in your life.

Follow your dreams, and make your passion last a lifetime!

xoxo. Love

tasha marie


  1. wow great eye make up

  2. ur makeup is so prettyand its really cool ur in too photography!

  3. new follower here =)

    i'm glad you are following ur dream! i can tell you are very passionate about it. =)

  4. girl you have great pics you will definitely make it, with that mentality you will go places. great blog


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