Thursday, December 3, 2009

My new Sephora Pink brush kit :) && Review.

hiii gorgeous bloggers :) So, I got a very early X*Mas present from my loving boyfriend :)
I'd seen these && really wanted them.

What do I think ?
- LOVEEE them.
-extra soft.
-very good quality.
-come in this super cute pouch so they are kept nice & bacteria doesn't get on other brushes.
-all the brushes you need :)
-easy to take while traveling.
-perfect for freelancing makeup artists.
-perfect to even take everywhere in your purse :)
-Price $60.00
-you can purchase these at any Sephora, or online :)

-fan brush
-powder brush
-blush brush
-concealer brush
-medium eyeshadow brush
-small eyeshadow brush
-blending brush
-brow comb brush
-angled liner brush
-lip brush :)

all the brushes you need ladies.

I honestly LOVEEE this pouch. it's sooo soft && I love how you are able to take it with you anywhere & everywhere and you can throw it in your purse & know they won't get ruined :)

If you have any questions about them.. just leave me a comment & I'll get back to asap :)

Have a WONDERFUL day today ladies.

You all are beautiful :)

xoxo. Tasha Marie


  1. Ooohhh.. pink sephora brush set???? They look beautiful!!

  2. your welcome :) thank you very much for your compliment, so touched<3^^ i hope that you'll have more time in the future to make your own jewelry^^ unfortunately it's right that it takes a lot of time so we have to be patient lol^
    have a lovely day :)

  3. Gorgeous brushes! I have quite a lot, but more would always come in handy! =D


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