Saturday, January 16, 2010

Live the life you imagine :)

Hello dawls :) I finally wore out my super cute hat I got for xmas. It sure was a hit today :] Got compliments EVERYWHERE I went :) Since the hat is a lot of design I put it with a plain white tank top && shorts && vans :) Perfect outfit for the day!

I recently got this ADORABLE sweater @ Charolette Russe for 10 bucksss!!!! Can you believe that?! Yep, it was on the clearance rack - && I love BARGAIN shopping. It's so thick but not too thick :) So I thought I'd share it with you :]

I got this lovely headband from the famous Forever21 . Only about 5 bucks :) Loveee iiiit. I think it looks better with straight hair rather than curly :)
Eyeshadow MAC <3

I recently got some awesome makeup I've been meaning to upload on here. Hopefully tomorrow I will :)

Ohhh, guess what !!!

I have an appointment with a lady that is really interested in hiring me for her wedding in March!! So exciting but nervous as usual lol. It's always a tad bit nervous to meet a complete stranger :)

I hope you all are following your dreams and always know that anything in the world is possible :)

It makes me so happy to see people following their dreams and going after them no matter what anyone says.

Always remember people will always talk. No matter how pretty, skinny, smart, gorgeous, style, or anything wonderful about you - people will always talk. So never let anyone ever put you down. You guys are all beautiful in your own way :)


Tasha Marie

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  1. Cute stuff, especially the hat I love animal prints! Good luck on your meeting! I really love how you add a positve note in your posts, it's such a great thing to read :)


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