Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My healthy tips dawls :)

hiiii dawls :)

wow. I've been working out so much lately. I'm sooo proud of myself.
Guess what... yesterday I did a 5am Spinning Class, a 5pm Spinning Class, AND a 7pm Zumba Class!!! 3 hardcore cardio classes!!! So far I've been doing a whole week and this week of spinning every day!!! I am seeing AMAZING RESULTS :)

Plus, I am trying to eat a lot better as well :) None of this crazy strict diet - no way. Just cutting back and making smarter choices! I have some really great tips that are helping me maintain my food && just some fun tips! I thought I'd share with you lovely ladies!!

- I've been eating breakfast EVERY single day, that is the most important meal of the day...
special K, yogurt with bananas, orange juice, oatmeal with berries, whole wheat bread, egg whites, those are some yummy meals I eat :)

- drinking at least 5-8 bottles of water a day. Sounds crazy but you need to stat hydrated all day. plus, you go to the restroom a lottt lol && helps get rids of anything bad in your tummy.

-as soon as I'm done eating... I brush my teeth :) You know after you eat.. you still have the taste of yummy food in your mouth and then your not hungry but have the craving in your mouth - and then you eat again!! So I brush my teeth to get the taste out of my mouth that is probably the best thing that helps it maintain my meals!!!! Or pop in some gum!

-I always drink at least 2 full glasses of water before I have a good meal. You get fuller quicker. And you know that somtimes your hunger over takes when you are thirsty! So sometimes when you overeat, its because you are just dehydrated!

-Since I've been doing hardcore cardio for the past week and a half, I do stretches every single night and do lunges && squats those are wonderful for your BUTT && LEGS :) Summer here I come!!!

-I've been eating all my fruits && veggies!!

-OMG have you guys tried pita breads?? They are so healthy and great for you!! I totally recommed them so much!! Last night I made tuna && stuffed it inside the pita bread once I grilled it..added some lettuce. tomatoes. avacado. and it was the best healthy sandwhich ever!

- Try not to eat after 7 ! If you crave a night time snack - have some special K cereal :) or a banana :) and drink your water!

-Fruit Senation gum is the BEST ( seen on biggest loser ) it REALLY does help you maintain your appetite!

-Parking far away at the stores lol.. just so I get to walk my way to the stores :)

Those are just a few fun tips that are working with me SO MUCH!!!

I am seeing results ladies :) My clothes are starting to feel loose, and my legs are getting so hard I love iiiitttt :) I am so proud of myself for pushing myself and knowing how strong my body is! I am getting toned & I loveee iiiit :)

If you guys like I'll keep up with this wonderful journey I hope lasts forever and not just a couple of months! lol.

Hope you darling have an amaziiing day today :)

I have another spinning class @ 5pm!

If you guys have any other fun health tips- drop a comment !

Tasha Marie :)


  1. Thank you for the great tips!! This is a really great post, I wish you continued success! :)

  2. thanks for the tips, there great and inspiring =)


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