Thursday, January 7, 2010

A new year with new possibilites, new makeup, new clothes, new outlook on liifee <3

Hiiii GORGEOUS dawls of miiiineee :]

So, the new year has came along.

If you all have been following me on Twitter you've been noticing I have been hitting the gym HARD this whole week & doing spinning classes all weeK- WOW I am seeing some AMAZING results !! && I'm loviiiing it.

Yes, it was one of my new years resolution, but it wasn't the typical "I want to loose 10lbs" negative.

It was ME wanting to have a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. I want to be USED to working out, eating better, being more active!!! I am a very confident girl, I love the person I am (not being cocky - at all) but I have been wanting to TONE UP my body & have a healthy life !

So far, this whole week I have been changing SO MANY bad habits *& I am seeing pounds being dropped! I am waking up a lot more energized! I love it. Spinning class this whole week has been hardcore but I love iiiit .

I did some shopping today & got a few fun things! I'll take photos and post tomorrow!

I am excited on this fun journey I am starting to long lasting healthy life style !

If you guys are wanting to live a healthy life style and be a lot more active like me - let's dooo iiit !!! hehe.

I figured, you only have ONE LIFE, this oNE BODY, might as well take care of it <3

I'll start writing a few of my fun healthy tips soon. I'm no professional trust me, but what works for me - might work for you all too !

Talk soon dawls.

xoxo. Tasha Marie

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  1. I totally agree!
    I've really been wanting to get back into shape. I don't really want to loose a lot of weight but tone up and be fit. I get tired so easliy too.
    But yeah you should do a post on some of your getting healthy tips. I loved to hear em!

  2. I so agree with u!
    YAY for healthy life!
    can't wait to see ur haul post =)


    I tagged you for an award on my blog =)


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