Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My 1st Wedding I shot :)

Hey Dolls :)
First off, I'd like to to say HELLLLOO to my new followers :) As you all know I am a photographer :) I was recently hired to shoot my very 1st wedding a couple of weeks ago!!!

It was the most AMAZING and UNDESCRIBABLE feeling ever. It was a TON of work though. 7 hours of non stop shooting!!! But it was well worth it :)

My clients fell in LOVE with the photos. They were in TEARS. I will never forget the things they told me, they ended up moving to Florida a few days after the wedding. "You are so talented, you are going to get so far!" or "Thank you so much, I love them" it was the greatest accomplishment!

You REALLY are capable of doing EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you want in the world. I proved it to myself, and a TON of other people.

It's a brand new year, and I am ready to keep up with my photography like I never have!! This is my dream, to be a great well known photographer! I want to make it in Hollywood one day I know I can make it :)

I hope everyone had a GREAT new years and set up a few new years resolution and stick with them! I am so looking forward to see what this year will bring to me!

Always follow your dreams girl !!

&& I'd loveee to hear some of your alls resolutions !


  1. omg! the picture of the bride walking down the aisle is amazing! your really good!

  2. AMAZING!! your indeed talented! i'm happy for you, you did a GREAT job!! when i get married i will have to find you! lol.

  3. love the pictures!!! they look great. im a new follower and also a lover for photography. i just recently bought a nikon d5000. i'm ready to shoot life as it happens. I also will be shooting a wedding in september for a friend....any tips for a newbie? I'd love to get your input.


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