Sunday, February 21, 2010

:) Nail polish makes me smile

Hello gorgeous dawls. Check out these beautiful new nailpolishes I bought today from Claire's :) They are sooo bright, I love them.. they don't look AS NEON as they are. They are gorgeous. I have really been into painting my nails, and having them looking great. I am obsessed with looking at peoples nails, what color they have on, or if they have any on at all. haa. These were on sale also, for $2.50 :) can't beat that deal.

I also bought this nail growth treatment @ Target last night :) I've heard really good reviews on it, and I'd really like for my lovely nails to go a tad bit more & be healthy! I will do a review once I use it for a while. Fingers crossed that it works! If you guys have tried this, let me know :)

I also bought this gorgeoussss MIDNIGHT BLUE nailpolish from Walmart a couple of days ago. I realllllly LOVE THIS BRAND. For some reason it lasts a really long time, the brush is thick, and is salon quality. my opinion of course, but I love it :)

Oh look what we have here, another PURE ICE nailpolish :) This is the nailpolish I have on for today. Neon yellowish. I love to wear a simple black tanktop && have my nails stand out.

What nailpolishes do you girlies recommened? Or which is your favs? I also have tons of other brands, but for some reason..this brand makes me smile :) Having my nails looking pretty && not chipped makes me happpppppy. Plus, it's cute that the boyfriend always notices when I paint them :)

Have a beautiful day.

Life is the most precious thing in the world, don't ever waste a day being sad or mad :)

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