Sunday, February 21, 2010

Big dreams *& 3 more days till my birthday!!!!!!!!

A random photo I took a while ago, I didn't know the little sister was in the background smiling while we were driving around. ha.

Hair of the day: Natural waves. Messy hair :)

Messy hair makes me happy. I never enjoy my hair when it looks PERFECT. I like the messy look :) Not too serious yet cute. 3 more days till my birthday I can't wait. 23 years young I will be :)

So fast the way life passes us by. It amazes me how fast life is going. One day I will be a college graduate, one day I will have kids, one day I will marry, one day I will hopefully have my very own photography studio, one day I will watch my kids grow up, one day my kids will be 23.

I love life. I love my life. At times, life can be so incredibly difficult, times where a good cry is always the best thing to make you feel better. Maybe my life is going great, but sometimes I will see my family or my friends going through some of the hardest times in the world, and it makes me be so thankful for my life.

I hope all of you all realize just how lucky we are.

Tasha Marie

"Somebody said that life isn't fair, when somebody else was saying a prayer "

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