Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nailpolish, nailpolish, nailpolish...

Nailpolish of the day. Wow it came out horrible in this photo lol. It's very bright pink :) I love iiiittt. I got these Coach nailpolishes @ our Dillards when my mom bought me a purse during xmas :) Love them!

I've realized I have SOOOOO MUCH NAILPOLISHES lol. Lately, I have been addicted to patining my nails. I hate when they get chipped. I wish they made a nailpolish that lasted for a whole week with no chipping :) I know this is HORRIBLE how I keep my nailpolishes lol I really need to buy that rack off of Ebay!

What other ways do you girls recommened I use to keep my nailpolishes in a safe place?

Drop a comment with any info!

--- until next time.

Stay confident.
Drink your water.
Always stay beautiful <3>

oh oh!!!!

&&&& I WON a GIVEAWAY!!!! My very 1st I was sooo excited to read my email this morning. I won from the lovely Gena from Glam-Me-Up her blog is adorable so check hers out! I am sooo excited :) I will def. post and review the funnn items!!

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  1. Haha thanks!!!
    And what you were sayin about your organization
    i know how that is!
    i used to keep mine in a bin and everytime i'd need one i'd dump the whole thing out. and the one on the bottom never got used.


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