Monday, December 27, 2010

Facebook questions :)

Hey Babes! Just a quick post, I've gotten emails from you lovely ladies on why I have taken a little long to add you on my page. I have over 250 requests from strange looking perverted guys that send messages that I don't really want them on my page :) So at times I don't even know when I have a new request.
If you guys add me to my page,
make sure you send a little message saying your on my blog so I know who you guys are & so I can add you lovely ladies ! :) I keep my page pretty private and only consists of family & friends & co-workers, but of COURSE you lovely ladies are WELCOME :)
I always have tons of inspiring quotes daily on my page.
Feel free to add darlings.
Here's my link.

My personal facebook page, add me dolls

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