Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year's Beauties

Happy New Year's my beautiful blog followers!
My new years plans were supposed to be dressed up in a gorgeous glittery dress with red lipstick && big curls in my hair & be with all my friends at this huge party. Well, I spent my new years.. in bed with the flu & a 103 fever :( Sadly, I still feel horrible BUT on a good side.. I got to be with all my family and watch the kids pop fireworks :)

I love the new year. I see it as a NEW FRESH start. A time where we CLOSE a chapter of our life, and open up a brand page in life. 2010 was a beautiful year.. yet it was one of my painful and heartbreaking years. I am going in this new year with an OPEN MIND && an OPEN HEART. I pray this is a year of rewardness for me after so much I went through last year it was such a tough year but I got through it all.. with a big smile on my face :) I hope this new year brings all you girls LOVE, HAPPINESS, HEALTH, and NEW OPPORTUNITIES.
Without struggle, there is no progress. It's all up to us to make things happen. It's up to us to always stay strong in the toughest situations that are given to us. My next blog will be over my new years resolutions for the year :) I will write a little more later on, we're getting together with the family for a new years dinner!
I hope everyone is having a beautiful 1st day to a brand new year!

Tasha Marie


  1. Yes this year is a fresh start from God. New Blessings and everything. Moved on from the past, walking in a new season, a new me, New Favor from God.


  2. Happy New Year hunni!sorry your still sick, praying you get better soon. & i hope this new year is nothing but great to you!

  3. Thanks so much sweethearts. You guys are the best :) I wish nothing but the BEST for you all as well !

  4. that was such a sweet post! this was really inspiring, and i can't wait for a fresh start too!

  5. Happy New Year to you and have more blessings for 2011! <3


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