Sunday, December 12, 2010

hello, haul.

amazing HUGE Steve Madden purse :) I've been on the hunt for a HUMONGOUS black purse. I love the gold on the purse, gives it a vintage look.

Long, silver, gorgeous earrings :) I'm an earrings kind of girl. I LOVE wearing my hair wavy & messy up in a crazy bun with long earrings such as these. They definitely make your outfit complete.

Huge aqua earrings, love them.

Diamond earrings. I haven't had a pair of earrings such as these, so I HAD to buy them :) They have such a classy look.

My gorgeous new camera necklace, everyone knows my passion is photography. Everything and anything that has to do with photography I have to buy it.

Gorgeous rings. <3>

Hello, gorgeous new hat <3>

New blouse :) Check out the shoulder pads. Love it.

Everyone needs a cute poke-a-dot shirt.

Love this rocker t-shirt. It's so long just like I love my outfits to be :)

I finally found my leather jacket with studs I have been going crazy looking for :)

Hey dawls. Hope you guys enjoyed my haul. I had bought a few things the previous weeks && decided to show you guys :) If you all have any questions or prices on where I got the items just let me know :) I love reading your sweet comments, they make me want to keep up writing blogs. I love all my new followers :)

Tasha Marie

"She has FAITH in God's greater plan"


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the rings and bag!! xx

  2. i love everything you got! those rings are way too cute. & that rocker top! I'm jelly! lol :)

  3. Love the polka dot shirt and the camera necklace <3


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