Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mascara for the month && tips to keep them strong.

hi gorgeous ladies. this week has been dragging for me, I've been sick the past couple of days. Stuck at home && getting over this horrible flu. BUT on the good side, I was able to relax and have some much needed "me time." Alone in my room - just me && my music always makes me feel better. I organized and cleaned up my room :) I think it's always great for everyone to take a moment and always have some alone time for themselves, it's good for the heart.

My favorite mascara for this month, that makes my eye lashes EXTREMELY longer* is Lancome's Hypnose. Note :: My eyelashes are extremely LONG, I have NEVER in my life used a eyelash curler, I got my lashes from my mom (Thanks, Mom!!) Everywhere I go people think my lashes are fake, or I must have curled them 10 times. haha No joke. This mascara is 24.50 it lasts a long time & has tons of product in it. This product has never let my eyelashes clumpy :) I've never liked putting TONS of mascara to make my eyelashes look like spider legs (lol) BUT a few strokes to make them look thick is what I love to do. I really recommned this product, it gives my lashes TONS of volume. The photo above I used the mascara so I decided to take a photo for you guys. If you can see it seperates my lashes tremendously. It's my favorite <3

A few quick tips:
I ALWAYS take off my mascara at night time. I will never let a day when I sleep with my mascara on, one hUGE reason is because your mascara becomes rough and dried out && that's a very fast way to LOOSE your lashes.

Also, at night time when I take off my mascara BEFORE I take a cotton ball && put some makeup remover over my lashes...I always**** let warm water run and rub my fingers through my mascara GENTLY just so my mascara of the day loosens up a little bit so I'm not going over my lashes so much with the cotton balls & making my lashes fall off.

Another thing, once I'm completely done with washing my face && I'm putting my daily night cream all over my face & neck I always run it throught my lashes with my fingers and run my fingers up on my lashes so they stay condintioned :) Ever since I have done the little things like washing my mascra every night, gently taking off my mascara, and putting the rest of my daily cream onto my lashses.. I've seen a big difference && my lashes hardly come off :)

Hope it helps :)

If you guys have any requests, feel FREE to comment below.

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  1. Just like you, I am freakin' OBSESSED with lashes! I use this mascara, too! It works very well. You should get the Sephora Mascara Deluxe Sampler Kit for only $39! It comes with all of these great mascaras (mini-sized though) to try out! :)

  2. you look so gorgeous in that picture! :)

  3. Lucky you for having long lashes that you don't have to curl! I wish mine were like that! hehe. Thank you for the great tips!! :)

  4. your abs. beautiful! i hope you get over that cold of yours <3

  5. I hope you're all better now! Your eyes are lovely!

    Lomography is a different branch of photography. :)


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