Friday, July 1, 2011

Black && Blue party, (: OFOTN =oufit of the night :)

Hey dolls! I'm alive :) & I miss blogging and reading all of your wonderful blogs! A while back I had a black & blue birthday party to attend. First off, I LOVE dressing up. My friends && family always tell me "you're always so dressed up!!" Honestly, I think it's better to always be over dressed than under dressed :) It's a great compliment. Anywho, here are a few photos from the fabulous party. I purchased my dress at Forever21 for only 21.50 :) That's a deal ! I was in love with it and felt so comfortable in it, I never buy something if I know I won't feel 100% comfortable in it :) I paired it with my lovely high heels & blue nail polish. Here are a few photos of my crazy friends & I. Enjoy the photos! Leave me love && any questions feel free to email :)

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