Monday, July 18, 2011

the boy that saved my heart.

Hello my lovely ladies,

I wanted to share some photos of the love of my life with you all. If you have have kept up with my blog for the past couple of months you saw that I went through a very terrible abusive breakup... my world was crushed && I was humiliated in thousands of ways. And then this boy showed up into my life and completely swept me off my feet. I thank God for this man every single day.. it's been 7 and a half months that we've been together and everyday I'm on cloud 9. He's the sweetest man that has ever been in my life. I want to marry this boy, I want to be at his side forever. He's my angel :) He proved to be that a TRUE man will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and wait till your heart is ready to be with someone. I have gone through so much with past boys and with him it's so simple - I feel love should always be that way - simple, not complicated. I've learned so much in my past relationships... I'm loving him as if he was the only boy to ever be in my life. I have also realized how short life is and you never know when something can happen. I tell him daily how much I cherish and love him. & he knows it.

The end.


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Natasha Marie