Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hello, dramatic green eyes!

Hello DRAMATIC green eyes!

I did this lovely look with the fabulous 120 palette :)
It's a little dramatic - but with makeup - you have to always try different things! You shouldn't be scared of color, shouldn't think "that's not me" or "I can NEVER pull that look off" ...YOU CAN PULL ANY's all about how you apply the make up. Have confidence, and show the world you are beautiful in your own skin.


  1. omg these are amazing! I would so wear these out somewhere fun like AC or Vegas! (If I could pull it off, lol....) I wish I had you to do my makeup!!


  2. Just liked your FB page girl!! So excited for you! xox

  3. Very pretty! I love these colors!!

  4. K so now you are not only going to be my wedding photographer, you are also going to be my make up artist! love it! :)

  5. And YOU know how to apply makeup! This is awesome. Not only is it a fun look for parties and such, but with Halloween coming up this would go great with a "poison ivy" costume! Sexy Awesomeness! WTG Natasha! :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  6. Gave you a shout out in my new post beautiful! Check it out! xox

  7. ahhh beautiful girl! I love the color on you prettyyyyyy

  8. wow thats amazing. i can never pull this look off but you look gorgeous!


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