Friday, September 30, 2011

Girls night out & outfit of the night.

Hey dolls,
A couple of nights ago we had a girls night out to celebrate one of our girl friend's birthday :) We all had a blast, and getting dolled up is what we love to do. My lovely glitter skirt I got at Charolette Russe for $22.99, top is from Forever21 for about $15, necklace is also from Charoletter Russe for $5, and big blue ring from Forever21 $4. Anything I'm wearing all black I love to wear a huge ring so it stands out : ) I love these ladies, I'm truly blessed to have the girls I have in my life.. these are only a couple of the girls. I've known these girls since middle school. Hope you girls loved this quick post.

Natasha Marie

p.s. I've been doing an insane amount of shopping lately, TONS of blog posts are coming up soon :) Ive just been extremely busy! I just wanted to do this quick post for you all of my outfit hope you all enjoyed! xo.

"Life is beautiful, embrace it"


  1. Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 are two of my favorite stores! Loving it, you look beautiful!


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