Sunday, October 2, 2011

My new loves.

Hey lovely girls,
Check out my new babies - I'm in love. They are so fabulous for Fall & I've been on a hunt for this style forever ! It was love at first sight, and once I tried them on they were unbelievably comfortable! :) You will never guess how much they were - they were ONLY $15.99 at TJMaxx, talk about a bargain! I'm the biggest bargain shopper - I love heading to the bargain section of the store first and see what treasures I find then I lead my way to the rest of the store. You save money & you're able to buy a lot more items! I can't wait to wear these out ! I can wear these with tights and a fitted dress, with skinny jeans and a over sized blouse, or with a skirt :) I can't wait, I love them. Here are a few up close photos of them.

I fell in love with these Fall flats as well. You aren't able to see the "sprakle" the bow gives off in person - they are gorgeous! I don't have a pair of bright red flats and pairing this up with some skinny jeans and a plain black v-neck will look fabulous! They are extra comfy as well, I purchased these also at TJMaxx for only $16.99. They are great quality, I can't wait to wear them :)

I have been wanting this beautiful frame I had seen at Target forever! Everytime I would see it I would say "next time!" well this next time was my day - it was on clearance for $6 bucks from $45 :) Talk about a bargain, I grabbed it and threw it in my basket! I'm in love with it, it is now hanging nicely in my room. It's gorgeous!

I have TONS of haul posts coming up :) I've done so much shopping lately ! I can't wait to share my lovely new items with you all :)

What are some of your wonderful items you guys have purchased lately ?


Natasha Marie

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  1. I love TJmaxx! Those are super cute, I bought a pair of red patent flats just recently but havent posted yet. Great minds think alike! haha

  2. I love BOTH pair!!! How HOT are they!!! Woooooo! I need to go check out my TJ Maxx! I haven't been in awhile. Great buys girl! :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  3. Oh my goodness those red flats are a beauty!! TJmax always has cute things!:) The frame you bought at Target is also really nice and chic! love love it!


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