Sunday, October 2, 2011

The biggest surprise of my life. I'm in love.

A couple of days ago not only did my heart melt, not only did I fall even more with him, not only did I realize how blessed I truly am, not only did I just want to jump on him and say thank you a million times - I cried my eyes out of pure happiness. My sweet heart boyfriend, surprised me with this absolutely incredible new Nikon D7000 - I was speechless. Words can't express the way my heart melted. It must be the absolute greatest feeling to have a great individual at your side that believes in you. He is the sweetest support system, he truly believes in my dreams, he truly knows I am going to succeed :) This camera is a beauty. It's huge. There is so much I need to learn - I can't wait. I honestly cried looking at it and the sweet text message he sent me. All the other boys in my past thought my photography and love for make up would get me no where in life - now - I have never had so much business before in my life. People are hiring me to photograph their wedding & different other occasions, hiring me to do their make up on special occasions etc. I have the sweetest angel at my side and he's going to be on the ride with me and I wouldn't have it any other way. I had to share this with you girls, even though most of you all knew because some of you follow my Twitter :) The link to my Twitter is on the side bar if you;d like to follow. I can't wait to capture even more quality photos with this beauty, and it wouldn't have happened without him. I am truly lucky to have him in my life, I'm so in love.
I am high on life every single day because of him.


Natasha Marie

"...there's something about you && I.."


  1. Wow that's amazingly sweet of him

  2. That is so sweet of him! I would have cried too!! I've always dreamed of owning one! I'm glad you have someone supportive in your life! There is nothing like having someone you love believe in you! :]

  3. Such a sweet boyfriend! Glad you have his support, that is very important! I'm going to be one of those people who hire you.

  4. Natasha, I am SO HAPPY for you girl! That is AWESOME!!! It's a beauty!!! Ohhhh, you're gonna have so much fun with it. SO DESERVING GIRL!!! :D Your boyfriend is a sweetie and supportive. Two thumbs WAY UP for him! ((HUG))
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim


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