Thursday, September 8, 2011

What would you do....

I would become the greatest known photographer & makeup artist. I would make a difference in the world and I would want to become an inspiration to everyone that has ever doubted themselves. I would donate millions of dollars to the less fortunate and start organizations to help fulfill the dreams of individuals. I would have my own photography studio and makeup studio, I would become my own boss. I would have my own makeup line.I would travel the world with my camera and share my life with the world. I would send all my cousins to the college of their dreams. I would have weekly food drives for shelters. I would donate as much clothes as I possibly can. I would buy my mom the house of her dreams. I would purchase the greatest camera for my work. I would start an organization for women who have been in abusive relationships & are ready to change their lives for the better. I would become a life coach and share my dreams, my failures, my rock bottom moments with the world and inform them it is possible to get to where you belong. I would take my mom on the biggest shopping spree of her life because out of everyone in the world - she deserves it more than anything. I would help change the world for the better.

What would you do ?


Natasha Marie

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